On my mind

Just a few things that are on my mind. Not an exhaustive list by any means.

  1. Writing at midnight is a terrible idea. I’m sleep depreived and hardly coherent. Spelling errors and rubbish musings (such as this) abound.
  2. But “I Write at 1.46pm” just doesn’t sound as cool.
  3. Semester two of the world’s most perplexing Master’s degree starts tomorrow. When people ask, I still can’t explain what I’m studying.
  4. I don’t wanna go to school. You can’t make me.
  5. Halloween. Nuff said.
  6. I shouldn’t have eaten that cold leftover meatball just now.
  7. I should have washed it down with some ginger ale to conteract the impending upset tummy.
  8. I am now too lazy to return to the kitchen to fetch said ginger ale. I suffer in silence.
  9. Why am I still awake?
  10. Alarm. Must remember to set. Again.

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