At night

I am seriously considering renaming this blog to “I Write at Mid-day” because the sleep deprivation is getting to me.  Who am I kidding? When the kids are asleep and the house is finally quiet, all I want to do is GO TO BED. Not hang out on the laptop, bleary eyed and hungry bellied.

Zoie is snoring lightly beside me. Her hair in colorful bunches, she is wearing pink Pj’s and stripey orange legwarmers. She might just be an 80’s baby at heart.  Emilie is sprawled diagonally across her whitewashed pine toddler bed which she is outgrowing at a mind-boggling rate. Her long, dark curls are splayed across her pillow. Her breathing is rhythmic, soothing. There is a soft glow from the closet night-light and outside my window all is still. In the distance I can hear the rumble of a lone truck or motorbike coming onto the highway which isn’t too far from here. Otherwise, it seems that everyone who should be in bed is there. Asleep. Peacefully?

In the morning I am taking Emmie to her ballet class and afterward we will mail a letter she has written to her friend, Grace. Yes, posting a letter the good old-fashioned way. Envelopes and stamps, remember those? Afterward, perhaps we’ll grab a bit of lunch and if we’re sneaky we will try to catch a movie, provided there is something child-friendly at the cinema. Alternatively, there are some arts and crafts I have been eager to try with the girls and I’d love to stock up on supplies and make one huge mess in the living room. When was the last time you fingerpainted?  🙂


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