Recipe: Lazy mom’s lasagna

I have a dear Italian friend and fellow mom, Irene Silvino, who makes fabulous, authentic Italian food. She has been kind enough to share many recipes with me. This is not one of them. In fact, she would probably consider this sacrilege against the very core of Italian cooking. I pray that she will forgive me.

But if you are a lazy busy mom like me, who for all best intentions, cannot find the time, patience, or motivation to create delicious food from scratch, here is a recipe to ease your guilt. Because we all have enough of that, surely.

This lasagna is semi-homeade and yummy as can be. WARNING: there may not be leftovers! (yes, it’s that good)

You will need:

  • 1 big jar of tomato based pasta sauce
  • 1 big jar of white cheese based pasta sauce
  • uncooked lasagna sheets
  • a couple handfuls of baby spinach
  • a packet of lean mince beef (about 400g)
  • a couple handfuls of medium cheddar cheese
  • grated parmesan cheese
  • a little bit of sliced onion and a smashed clove of garlic

Fry the onion and garlic in a little olive oil until fragrant.

Add mince and cook until brown. Add salt/pepper if you wish while mince is cooking. I like to add a dash of Italian seasoning. A little extra never hurt!

Add the entire jar of tomato pasta sauce. Add a bit less if you are using less mince. You can also add a tiny bit of water is the beef mixture is too thick. A tiny bit.

Now the fun part….

Spoon a bit of the beef mixture into a rectangular glass baking dish. Layer on some of the uncooked lasagna sheets. Put a bit more beef on top of that, then another layer of the pasta sheets.  Then pour on some of the white cheese sauce. Toss in a few handfuls of the baby spinach. Add more lasagna sheets. Then add more beef….. And keep going until you run out of stuff to layer. Remember to spread everything out evenly.

You should end with a layer of lasagna sheets and pour the remaining white cheese sauce on top, spreading well. Sprinkle on parmesan and cheddar cheeses.

Bake at 200C for 30 mins.  Stick a garlic bread baguette into the oven during the last 10 mins or so of cooking.

Viola! Let everything cool for a bit after it comes out of the oven.


***Cheat’s tip*** If you live in the UK, just go out and buy Dolmio’s lasagna kit. It comes with the 2 jars of sauce and lasagna sheets. All you need to add is the mince, spinach, and cheeses. How easy is that!

Serves 1 hungry mummy, 1 hungry daddy, and 2-3 hungry kiddies


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