Gross things adults tell kids not to do (but do themselves)


As a mom I constantly find myself telling my kids, don’t do this/don’t do that, especially when it comes to matters of hygiene. But upon closer observation, it can be noted that adults are some of the worst offenders around! Whatever happened to practice what you preach? Oh, the hypocrisy…

1.  “Cover your mouth when you cough” – I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen adults hacking away on the Tube or train with no regard for the innocent bystanders they shower with their germfest.

2.  “Don’t scratch your bum – ha, you’re probably doing it right now…

3.  “Don’t pick your nose” – now we’re ALL guilty of this one, don’t deny it. Plus, it’s oddly satisfying. Boogie-eating, however, is a whole other  territory. If you know an adult who does that, get them help. Now.

4.  “Don’t burp/fart/spit, etc” – well honestly, these are just natural bodily functions – even the Queen does it! Right?

5.  “Wash your hands after you use the toilet” – it really doesn’t bear talking about but, oh yes, you only have to spend 2 minutes in a public toilet to see at least 1 person who can’t spare a few seconds to wash. With soap. And they go on their merry way happily spreading rotavirus or whatever else kind of nasties hang out in public toilets. *shudder*

6.  “Don’t bite your nails”this one is my pet peeve. Nothing irks me more than seeing a grown person (ahem, you know who you are) biting their nails. You don’t know where those hands have been… probably scratching your bum – in a public toilet!

So, you know that Bible verse about taking the plank of wood out of your own eye before taking the splinter out of someone else’s? (sounds unpleasant either way) Yeah, it definitely applies here. Lead by example right? Give the kiddies a break.

And take that finger out of your nose.

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