Back in action!

Did you miss me? Well, I missed you! Come ‘ere and gimme a big hug. It’s been awhile!

Ah, now that we have that out of the way, it’s time for an update.

Half-term was hell. I had 2 sick kids on my hands while feeling pretty crappy myself. I spent last Saturday night hanging out in A&E with Zoie who spiked a temperature of 39.2C (approx. 103F).  A weary looking nurse gave me a syringe of Calpol to wrestle into Zoie’s mouth and told me to strip her down to her nappy. She then left us to sit there.

For 5 hours.

At about 1am I thought, screw this I’m leaving, and I bundled Zoie up and walked straight out of the ward. No one even noticed. Great. I circled back to reception and confronted the bored lady who had checked me in on our initial arrival. She gave me a blank stare as though she’d never seen me before in her life.

“Just let me back in,” I grunted.

I gave the doctor an earful when he finally appeared. No, I could care less that it is a Saturday night – slovenly, drunk teenagers shouldn’t be getting priority over a 16-month old burning with fever, they should be getting 2 Advil and a kick in the ass.

We were finally discharged at 2am with antibiotics  and a leaflet on how to bring down a fever. How helpful. I was out-of-pocket 29 quid for the round trip taxi ride and I’d lost her sippy cup somewhere along the way.

I remember when my Saturday nights were spent as one of those slovenly, drunk teenagers…

Nevertheless, I’m glad I took her in to be seen. There’s no substitute for peace of mind and I’m happy to report we are all on the mend.

It’s good to be back!