What she said

In true better late than never style, I’m getting around to posting about Emilie’s quip to me when I asked her why she burst into tears at the Christmas program.

The conversation was thankfully brief:

Me: (trying to broach the topic indirectly) “Sooo did you have fun at the Christmas program today?”

Emmie: “Well, I was having loads of fun. And then you showed up. And then I just wasn’t excited anymore.”

Once I’d managed to pick my jaw up off the floor, we continued our trek home in relative silence. Once there, I complained to my mom.

“She hates me. I’m doomed.”

My mom laughed, hugged me, and reassured me as only a mother can.

The enigma of mothers and daughters…

The next day, there was another performance of the program. This time my mother and I approached in stealth mode and hid in the very back row. Emilie and her class came on stage and despite scanning the crowd she didn’t spot us. Phew! She seemed satisfied that we weren’t there and actually started singing and doing the motions! The little traitor! Lol.

Once the song was over I decided that revenge was mine — I jumped up out of the crowd and shouted her name, waving frantically and grinning ear to ear! She was stunned and mortified, muhahahaha!

And I took this pic to prove it… perfect blackmail fodder for her 21st birthday!

One thought on “What she said

  1. is that how uncool parents are made? because, you are the coolest of cool. and yet, somehow, not cool enough to be her mom.
    damn, girl. you got it rough. hold tight knowing in about 16 years she’ll see how awesome you are again.

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