Christmas backdrop tutorial

Here is the promised tutorial – forgive me, but I am incredibly tired tonight so it will be a bit of a slapdash tutorial, particularly since it is so simple to do. Simple and inexpensive. Not the most luxurious, but an easy way to glitz up a dinner party on a budget!

First your materials:

  1. a curtain rod – I got mine from Ikea for just £1.19!
  2. wide wired ribbon  – about 3 meters
  3. thin ribbon – I used 4 meters
  4. small round Christmas baubles
  5. jewelled dangling Christmas ornaments
  6. scissors

And how to put it all together:

  • Cut a length of thin ribbon and tie a small bauble at one end
  • Tie other end to curtain rod
  • Continue tying baubles and ornaments onto thin ribbon and then tying onto the curtain rod
  • Length doesn’t matter – alternate
  • When finished, wrap the wide wired ribbon around the length of the curtain rod, covering the loose ends of thin ribbon
  • Using any leftover wide wired ribbon, make two bows for the ends of the curtain rod
  • Hang and enjoy!

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Sharing with Centsational Girl!

Beautiful baubles

My fellow crafty mommy friend and I have been working on some beautiful handmade Christmas baubles. Pretty fabrics, shiny ribbons, tiny stars, and lots of juice and cookies (for the kiddies of course, lol).

Check them out!

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If you can’t say something nice… shut up

Today was dress down day at Emilie’s school. I had no idea.

This afternoon when I went to collect her, another mom (noticing Emilie wearing her school uniform) said to me in the most incredulous holier-than-thou tone:

“Oh you forgot it was dress down day? What’s wrong, got something on your mind?”

I just looked at her. Something on my MIND? Hmm, let me see. I wanted to say:

“Listen b*tch, I’m juggling a million balls at the moment. Between spending endless hours in class, mothering two small girls, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, playdates, two bouts of flu, and just trying to keep my general sanity, I’m gonna drop a damn ball. Pardon me for not living up to your perception of parental perfection!”

Instead, I said in my sweetest voice:

“You forgot last time. Guess that makes us even.”