The First 29th

I spend so much time organising parties for my kiddos, that I’ve never thrown one for myself! This year I thought why the heck not?!

"Wish" tile lovingly made by Emilie (mummy helped with the letters)

Soooo, despite my birthday being on New Year’s Day (terrible day to be born, honestly the whole world is hung over) I arranged to throw my little shindig on the following Friday.

My budget? Non existent.  So I improvised.

I recycled, reused, and repurposed items from the kids’ recent birthdays. The cupcake stand, glass jars, and mini pails from Zoie’s 1st birthday all got a new lease on life.  Vases and dishes from Emilie’s 4th birthday were again put to good use.

My theme? Why, rainbow of course! (because of my indecision and inability to choose just one or two main colours haha)

I found super cute plates, cups, table cover, and bunting for only 99p per pack. I also draped brightly coloured streamers everywhere – again only 99p for about a zillion of them. I scooped up some red napkins that were on sale after the Christmas rush and some bright cupcake cases to match.

One of my favorite ways of decorating is with flowers. They bring such a great burst of colour and freshness to any party and you can find flowers to match just about any colour scheme. I bought a simple, multicoloured £5 bouquet at the supermarket and separated and trimmed the flowers to fit my various sized jars, vases, and mini pails. I gave the vessels some pizzaz by wrapping them in bright lengths of yarn that I bought (also 99p) in a kiddie cross stitch activity pack. Oooh… and I can’t forget the super shiny silly straws I scooped for, you guessed it, 99p!

And what about the menu? I hit up the frozen food section baby! Everything from spring rolls to chicken satay sticks — just popped them in the oven and it was party time! The cupcakes (Funfetti!) I made earlier in the morning, frosted, and adorned them with colorful mini chocolate buttons. Dessert was ridiculously simple: freshly sliced strawberries with Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread for those who are not familiar with this glorious concoction)(I zapped the Nutella in the microwave for 10 seconds to make it a gooey dippable consistency… heaven!)

The party itself was honestly the most fun I’ve had in years. Since (secretly) I knew the party was as much for the kiddies as it was for me, I made sure we played a rousing game of Pass the Parcel (everyone got a prize!) and the requisite Pin the Tail on the Donkey. And of course there were copious amounts of dancing, even some of the, ahem, more vivacious Caribbean variety.

So my 29th birthday was a great success and a fantastic time was had by all.

Can’t wait until next year when my second 29th rolls around. Because we all know, there’s no such thing as 30! 😉

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