Bad Mommy Moment #258

Yesterday, instead of cooking dinner, I bought the kids a bucket of KFC – extra fries, extra gravy. And coleslaw. Lots of it.

Today, instead of cooking lunch, I microwaved the leftover chicken and fries. Extra ketchup.

That is all.


They got porridge for breakfast and shrimp with rice, steamed broccoli and green beans for tonight’s dinner. That should balance it out.

4 thoughts on “Bad Mommy Moment #258

  1. We are doing a lazy dinner of little smokies and scrambled eggs for the boys and when they are in bed Husband and I are going to bust out the leftover pizza and pop some popcorn and have a beer! 🙂

  2. ohhhhh we used to have chipper chips and onion rings every friday when my mum went grocery shopping…it was my favourite meal of the week! ;0

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