Good to be back!

Well I finally managed to get my internet sorted out and can be welcomed back into the realm of the living. Being without my connection to the universe these past few weeks has been challenging to say the least.

Technology, I love you.

So last night, I went out with some fellow parents for dinner, drinks, dancing, and a late night slumber party! Actually, we were all in our jammies before 2am. True story. Next stop, zimmer frames…

On the drive back home this morning I heard the sad news about Whitney Houston on the radio. Damn. So so tragic. Truly a beautiful person with a phenomenal voice.

So here’s my little tribute to Whit. Her songs always either made me want to jump up and dance or bawl my eyes out. Now that’s the sign of great music. RIP dear Whitney, you’re singing in God’s choir now.

3 thoughts on “Good to be back!

  1. Welcome back.Wondered where you went youngin’…. smiling.
    It’s a tragedy what happened to Whitney. So many entertainers, at the hands of drugs or suicide, die young in life. Seems money, fame and status can’t save us.

    Once again, welcome back.

    • Thanks! I sure did miss this little blog of mine. 🙂

      Re: Whitney – It’s just a sad situation all around when people try to fill the void in their lives with the wrong things… celebs are notorious for it…

      Thanks again for stopping by and reading! 🙂

      • you’re more than welcome, kiddo. Glad you’re back. Hey, we missed you. smiling.
        You are so right. I often wonder why we, as normal people even follow the Hollywood and entertainment industries. Seems many merely idolize them… and, that’s a true pity.

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