Me, mad? Never!

This morning a close friend said to me “you always seem angry” (or unhappy, or something of the sort, I can’t remember verbatim) and I remember feeling completely gobsmacked. A plethora of choice retorts instantly sprang to mind, none of them I can repeat here in this post… (maybe he had a point? Haha) My second reaction was one of defense. Who is at their best at 9am? I sure as hell am not, especially when the only place I want to be is back in my warm bed and not trudging up the hill toward my house, post school run.

My third reaction? Tears.

I felt wounded and, as the upset subsided, I sort of saw his point. I am a little stressed out these days. Ok, A LOT stressed out. Between trying to be supermom (school runs, parent/teacher meetings, morning assemblies, playgroups) and superstudent (yeah, that dissertation isn’t gonna write itself), I seem to have lost myself along the way. And somehow my sadness and stress has painted me as some kind of mad black woman. That isn’t to say I’m not trying. I really am trying to relax and have fun when I can.

These days I’m actually wearing a bit of makeup, buying cute things for my hair, and picking up the odd Glamour magazine. Last week I bought the most fabulous pair of electric blue suede high heels. That would cheer anyone up, hehe.

I think as moms we really can never underestimate the importance of “ME” time. Without it, it’s really easy to slip away into maternal oblivion.  Next on my agenda is a girlie weekend, methinks.

Anything to avoid being “that angry girl”. And if my friend says that again, I might punch him.

Gently. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Me, mad? Never!

  1. Awwwwwwwww big hug!! It’s easy to let things get on top of you, and it’s only human to get stressed now and again when things pile up. It can be hard “to see the wood from the trees” as they say.

    Yep, sometimes we forget that we are children ourselves and sometimes we just need a hug, a rest and some love. As we grow up, the responsibility falls upon ourselves to provide ourselves with time and love, which is in actual a lot harder than giving time and love to those we love. But we deserve it, we are just as important as those we try to do our best for. You make sure that your children are looked after. If you were one of your own children, would you look after yourself better? 🙂 xx

    Sometimes when things stress me out a lot and I get wrapped up in things, I try to put problems in perspective and think of the world as a whole. For example, “if the world were a village of 100 people 1 would have a college education.” Least that might help the motivation for the dissertation!!

    Love and hugs always xxxxx

  2. Ah – well I am glad you are trying to fit in some fun “me” purchases and are thinking of a getaway. It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind and the mindset of just getting through another day.
    And you should really post a picture of those electric blue suede heels. I pretty much live in whatever shoes accommodate my wool sock wearing feet during the long winter months.

  3. Ha ha. You’re an Angry Bird 😉
    Young, black, and angry hehehe j/k.
    I’m positive we can get you to let a few smiles escape Mishkatraz 😉

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