Sunshine Shabby Chic

  Zoie’s 1st Birthday

“Sunshine Shabby Chic”

I had such a  great time creating this theme and putting the party together! I chose “sunshine” because Zoie is a summer baby and the color palette of bright and soft yellows matched her bubbly, vibrant little personality. I added the shabby chic touches for a little bit of feminine, girly flair.

I handmade her yellow tutu, the “Happy Birthday” banner, the “1” canvas, and the yellow gingham heart pillows. Everything else is semi homemade and styled by me, with the exception of the sweet “Zoie” bunting which I had custom-made.

A simple menu consisted of kid friendly finger foods: honey sesame sausages, sandwich squares, veggie sticks, and mini fruit cups.

As with all my parties, I try to make as much as possible myself in order to keep costs down. I scour the internet and shop windows for inspiration and then come up with ways to get the same look for much less!

The ribbon backdrop was incredibly easy and inexpensive to make.  I will put up a tutorial in another post.

Hope you enjoy the photos below!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Shabby Chic

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