Thrifty Tuesday

I am developing a very healthy obsession with thrift/charity shops.  The deals you can find are so awesome and easy on the wallet!

My latest finds were treats for my wardrobe: a fabulous floral garden party dress and a beaded geometric necklace.

Dress cost: £7

Necklace cost: £3

That’s a sweet new summer outfit for just £10!  Happy indeed!

me5highres me7highres me8highres

I love playing dress up! 🙂


Spring Skirt

I simply couldn’t pass up this fresh, floral fabric when I discovered it at my local haberdashery for just £3.49 per metre.

I decided to attempt a springtime skirt for Zoie — bright, lightweight, and fun!



She loves it!


Slowly getting the hang of this sewing thing!