2nd Annual Halloween Spooktacular!

The  Halloween party was a success! The costumes were awesome and everyone had a really great time!

I ended up using the mini broomsticks for my caramel apples. Yummy! And you can also find a tutorial for the creepy cupcakes here.

The Jello gummy worm cups were a breeze to put together – mix up your favorite jello flavor, pour into clear cups, toss in a few gummy worm pieces and  hang a few over the sides of the cups, refrigerate overnight and you’re done! Gross but good!

Oh, and how cool are the juice box labels?

I love parties!

Check out the photos:

Creepy cupcakes (tutorial)

I made these  spider and cobweb cupcakes for my Halloween Spooktacular (which was a huge success – stay tuned for a separate post!).

Here’s how you can make your own!

You will need:


frosting in your prefered color (I used light orange)

black writing icingI bought one that came with 3 different tips,

 you need a small round tip for the cobwebs and a star type tip for the spiders


silver sugar pearls

colored sugar

Frost your cupcake.

Using black writing icing, pipe a small circle

on top of your cupcake.

Pipe another larger circle around the first one.

Continue until you have 4 circles on your cupcake.

Now the fun part!

Grab a toothpick and starting at the top of the cupcake,

drag the toothpick downwards through the 4 circles.

Use a light-ish touch — you don’t want to scrape bits out of your cupcake!

Continue this technique around the cupcake.

About four equally spaced drag marks looks good.

Finish with a cupcake topper or some colored sugar!

Now on to the spiders!

Start with a freshly frosted cupcake.

Swap tips on your icing tube. (or piping bag if using one)

You should have roughly a star type shape.

(to me it kind of looks like an asterisk)

Now pipe a little spider leg onto your cupcake.

Drag the icing downward, releasing pressure as you reach the

end of the leg shape to get that little pointy end.

Pipe 3 more spider legs in the same way.

Repeat piping 4 more legs on the opposite side.

Pipe a long oval on top of the legs. This is the spider’s body.

Then pipe a smaller circle in front of the oval, between the spider legs.

This is the spider’s head.

Add 2 small silver sugar pearls for the spider’s eyes.

Finish with a sprinkle of colored sugar on the spider’s back.


And yes, they tasted as good as they looked!

Mini broomsticks (tutorial)

So I have been in full party planning mode for my upcoming 2nd Annual Halloween Spooktacular and as always my motto is:

Why buy it when you can make it?!

I came across these cute little broomsticks while perusing the ‘net for inspiration. I immediately thought they would be so simple to put together and they were!

You can use them for just about anything Halloween-y — as table decor, place holders, quirky additions to goodie bags, etc. Whatever you can think of really.  Here’s how to make your own:

You will need:

lollipop sticks (you can find these at most craft stores)

natural or brown raffia



Cut lollipop sticks in half.

Grab a small-ish bundle of raffia (3-4 in long) and cut.

Fold raffia bundle in half and poke the little lollipop stick

through the top. Push the stick down about halfway.

Cut a good length of string and wrap it tightly around (and around) the top

section of the raffia, pulling tightly to ensure the lollipop stick

is secure. Tie string in a double knot.

Snip off any uneven ends of the raffia.

And you’re DONE!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If you’re feeling really ambitious you can dress them up with a dab of brown paint

for a realistic broom handle look.

Here’s the finished result (with one I made earlier):

Happy Halloween!!

This is Halloween!

“Tender lumplings everywhere,

 life’s no fun without a good scare!”

The Halloween party approaches and I’m tingling with excitement!

Here are a few of the decorations so far:

A cuter vampire bat you’ll never find.

One can never have enough cobwebs!

Boo-tiful bat bunting.

Every party needs a ghost.

Creepy cupcakes – sure to be scarily good!

Excited to see how it all comes together? Me too!

 Stay tuned!