NaNoWriMo 2011

I may have lost my mind.  In a moment of temporary insanity this afternoon, I signed up to participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo.

What the heck is that, you ask? I asked myself the same thing and thanks to the goddess we call Google I was able to learn all about this bizarre acronym.

Simply put: it’s a writing challenge. A challenge to write a novel. Of at least 50,000 words. In 30 days.


No pressure then.

Hey, I thought. I can do that! You know, somewhere between studying for this MA, taking care of 2 small children, and breathing, well heck yes I can write a novel! What’s a novel anyways besides a bunch of words? Words that have to somehow come together to make sense…. Oh. Yeah. About that…

And so what is the prize at the end of this mammoth challenge? Nothing! Well not quite. You will have your completed (or somewhat completed) novel, that may or may not be a complete pile of rubbish. And a few other things such as a printable certificate and, of course, immense pride. Surely that is reward enough?

I think the whole point of the challenge is to get it all off your chest. Just write. The website states that it is “quantity not quality” and that, at least, takes a bit of the edge off.

So who cares if it’s crap? At least I will have done it, right? And you never know, maybe it won’t be a worthless pile of rubbish musings. One can only hope!

Now — here’s where you guys come in. HELP! I need plots! Ideas! Storylines! Outlines! Anything and everything! My mind has drawn a complete blank. I’ve no idea what on earth I’m going to write about. Not a great way to start out, huh?

I have approximately 7 days until the 1st November which is when the hubbub all kicks off. And I need to be finished and submit my work before midnight on the 30th November.

Like I said, no pressure…

Wish me luck guys! Your love and support is all I need.

Oh, and a miracle wouldn’t hurt either. That or J.K. Rowling on speed dial.