Thrifty Tuesday – Upcycled shopping bag pouch and butterfly lace headband

I’m back and I’m crafting! Hooray! ūüôā

And what better day to return than on a Thrifty Tuesday?

applique1 applique2


My first scoop was found after a quick rummage through the hodgepodge craft section of one of my favourite local charity shops. ¬†Two sparkly sequinned appliqu√©s for a cool 50p total! (not sure if appliqu√© is the proper name, but it’s the best way I can describe them!)

I decided that the smaller butterfly appliqué would be perfect as an embellishment for a headband. A few strips of stretchy lace, a discount shop headband (99p for 5 bands), and a couple dabs of hot glue produced lovely, chic results!appliquecollage

I have plans to make a 1920’s style headband with the leaf appliqu√©. So very Great Gatsby!

My second thrifty treat came by way of a crumpled shopping bag I rescued from a skip (dumpster) at the top of my road.


It was a bag from Joules — a lovely shop — and the print was simply gorgeous! I had to make something with it. The bag, literally, said it all…


Ta da!! ¬†A super cute upcycled pouch! ¬†I lined it with a bit of cotton fabric to make it a tad sturdier and perfectly suited to all sorts of make-up, toiletries, and knick-knacks. ¬†I keep thinking of things to put in it — snacks, hair accessories, spare undies for a cheeky night out? Hehe.


This week’s finds were just the thing I needed to pull me out of my crafting funk and I’m so happy to be able to share them with you!

Have you found any thrifty treats lately?



Thrifty Tuesday

I am developing a very healthy obsession with thrift/charity shops.  The deals you can find are so awesome and easy on the wallet!

My latest finds were treats for my wardrobe: a fabulous floral garden party dress and a beaded geometric necklace.

Dress cost: £7

Necklace cost: £3

That’s a sweet new summer outfit for just¬†¬£10! ¬†Happy indeed!

me5highres me7highres me8highres

I love playing dress up! ūüôā


Blog makeover and Thrifty Tuesday

Howdy! If you’re reading this, you are seeing my brand new blog theme! ¬†I love the subtle handmade look — the notched ends of the pages bar reminds me of ribbon and the dividing lines on the sidebar are perfect pinked edges! I also added a new header combining my love for craft, photography, and writing. ¬†Yes, that’s my handwriting (hehe) and it is an excerpt from my¬†favourite¬†poem, “The Walrus and The Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll.

What do you think of the new look?

T1Today is Thrifty Tuesday. Which simply means I’ll be showing you my weekly haul from local charity and thrift stores. ¬†I scooped the vintage thread spools, wooden buttons, and ribbon rosettes all for 50p. ¬†Absolute bargain and great craft room decor!


This is my absolute¬†favourite¬†find of the week — old postcards. From all over the world. ¬†At 10p each I grabbed 19 of those with the most interesting ¬†photos, handwriting, and subject matter. ¬†The oldest is dated 1939. ¬†With a few strips of washi tape I created a collage out ¬†of some of the nicest ones above my mantle. Each time I glance at them I get a wonderful sense of¬†nostalgia¬†and feel a bit¬†privileged¬†to have a sneak peak into the personal correspondence of people I’ll never meet.

PC3I also love trying to decipher the handwriting. ¬†My former job as an archivist comes in handy for this — I used to spend hours poring over historical documents and updating databases! ¬†This one was easy to read:

Thank you so much for the photo, we think it splendid Mr. Wright is a very good amateur; you are on the mantlepiece of our new dining room…


canAnd my final thrifty item is actually something I made rather than bought. ¬†A soup tin, some patterned tissue paper, and a few dabs of watered down pva glue created this sweet little holder for my crochet hooks (or pencils, or scissors, or paintbrushes…). It was simple, took 5¬†minutes¬†to make and cost me nothing at all. ¬†My kind of crafting!

Have you scooped any thrifty finds lately? Send me a link below!